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Solution & Consultation Academy SCA

Solution & Consultation Academy -SCA Background:

Solution & Consultation Academy-SCA is consulting firm, privately – held stock company founded under the Egyptian law. The main office is located in 201, 26 July Street, Sphinx Sq. EL-Mohandessen

The SCA has long foreseen the crucial importance of Training as well as research and Development. As a result, the company has developed a vision of the utmost commitment to Training, research, development and implementation of results-oriented and sustainable strategic change initiatives that enable firms and organizations to achieve their goals and objectives.

SCA adopt interactive, working-partner style, our experiences have been transmuted into research and development and sustained by training, which is regularly developed ever since. We focus on top management level concerns, helping businesses initiate change and harvest the benefits, whether it’s through improving overall operations or transforming the enterprise. Through collaboration and teamwork, our consultants impeccably integrate strategy and business technology to help you meet your business goals.

The SCA with its recognized and Constancy track records in Training and, development takes pride in selecting highly talented and qualified research engineers, trainers, and project planners, who devoted themselves to conduct the researches and studies needed.

SCA specialist in information technology (IT) and management professionals. We offer a broad array of hands-on IT, project management, and professional skills training featuring proprietary core and custom curriculum, to turn knowledge into productivity for employees, customers, and channel partners.



Solution and Consultancy Academy (SCA) Aims to be one of the first 5 training entities in the Middle East and North Africa



  • To help Clients generate rapid and sustainable business improvement. with relentless pursuit and best class performance to achieve setting goals
  • To help clients enhance bottom-line results by bringing out the greatness in their people through management training and contribute to the improvement of professional competencies of Arab workforce to enable them to cope with the challenges of the globalization and competitive environment
  • To make sure that our trainees become employees supplied with the necessary skills at the right time in order to perform their jobs in an efficient manner.

The present philosophy adapted by SCA Aims to achieve the following:

  1. Providing technical and managerial training services which contributes coherently with the SCA Goals:
  • Execution of works according to the Quality Standards.
  • Implementing Environmental conditions.
  • Implementing Health and safety conditions.
  1. Coordinating with Client departments to define problems which needs rectifying, and offering alternative solving procedures through modern training techniques.
  1. Relaying on the SCA Network of trainers and consultants to provide a top notch service



  • To improve and develop the company human resource capabilities to achieve maximum performance and completing the work in time with the required quality.
  • To upgrade the Client human resources to fulfill the current and future requirements and demands
  • To achieve client training objectives, SCA adapt the following strategy by emphasizing on:
  • Training based on actual need analysis-TNA.
  • Training to achieve reasonable revenue to the company within the client’s target of ROT.
  • Training to achieve maximum utilization percent in deploying company resources.