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Category Human Resources
Course Name Training Needs Analysis & Evaluation
Code HR08
Duration 5 days



Training Needs Analysis Evaluation

Course Description

Rapid success with training-system development can be dangerous. Development can overtax the planning and management capacities of the new training system if they occur too soon.

A review of system boundaries and careful boundary management offer the best immediate protection. The increase of resources, improvement of the system’s structure, and development of program strategy can then receive attention. Top-level support from the organization is essential, as is a restrained, orderly response to demands for program expansion and diversification of system capacity.

TNA is the deliberate process through which a person become aware of personal career related attributes and the lifelong series of stages that contribute to his career fulfillment. 

Course Objectives

At The End Of This Course Trainees Will Be Able To:

Ø   Analyse the principles on which effective training programmes and events are built

Ø   Practice and develop some of the skills of designing and delivering training materials

Ø   Understand the role of training within organizations

Course Outline

Training  Excellence

Ø   Why Offer Training

Ø   Training Methods & Techniques

Ø   Employee Benefits

Ø   Organizational Benefits

Ø   Training Process: ADDIE

Ø   Why Do A Needs Assessment?

Ø   Assessment Methods

Ø   The Goals Of Senior Executives

Ø   Creating Excellence-oriented Organizational Cultures

Ø   Analysis

Ø   Return On Training Investment (ROTI)

Data Collection and Analysis for a TNA

Ø   TNA Objectives

Ø   Needs Assessment Includes?

Ø   Types Of Assessment

Ø   “Why Is The TNA Being Conducted?”

Ø   Data-collection Techniques

Ø   Individually Oriented Methods

Ø   Basic Outline Of A Typical Interview Process:

Ø   Group-oriented Methods

Ø   Techniques For Collecting Data From Groups

Ø   Observation

Ø   Data Analyses

Training Needs Assessment

Ø   The Purpose Of Needs Assessment

Ø   Level Of Analysis

Ø   The Five Steps Of TNA

Ø   Implications

Ø   Summery

Ø   Reference

Ø   Source

Developing A Training System 

Ø   System Goals

Ø   System Tasks

Ø   The Dynamics Of Training-System Development

Who should Attend

All levels that want to improve strategic thinking with emphasis to




Ø   All in the Training departments.

Ø   Head of department




Venue Fees ST EN Request
Cairo 2500 U$ 10/2/2019 14/2/2019 Request
Bahrain 4250 U$ 16/6/2019 20/6/2019 Request
Malaysia 5000 U$ 27/10/2019 31/10/2019 Request